Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle manual therapy focused on the internal organs of the body, from the digestive, pelvic and respiratory organs. Unlike traditional therapies that target specific areas of pain or dysfunction, Visceral Manipulation evaluates the entire body to identify the root of the issue.

Using delicate techniques, therapists detect altered  motion within the organs and restrictive patterns throughout the body. By applying these techniques, visceral manipulation therapy helps release restrictions and unhealthy compensations, enabling the body to restore itself.

Benefits of Visceral Manipulation include addressing pelvic issues like endometriosis and sciatica, digestive problems such as IBS and heartburn, neuromotor problems such as migraines, whiplash and concussions, and respiratory issues post sickness. Also, by clearing restrictive patterns and promoting movement, visceral work may act as a useful support for women who are undergoing the fertility process

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